Back Hair Laser Removal

Back Hair Laser Removal

Are you a victim of back hair? Does your wife or girlfriend cringe when you take off your shirt? There may be help for you with laser back hair removal.
Laser hair removal is a trend that is sweeping the country. With improvements in laser technology, these procedures are safer and less expensive than ever, and the results are longlasting. Most treatments use a very low level laser that is targets the affected area. The energy of the laser enters the pigment in the hair and causes the shaft to heat up, killing the hair. The follicle is also rendered ineffective, stunting new hair growth. Although the hair follicle deactivated, the surrounding skin is unharmed by the procedure.
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Of course, this treatment has many applications for men and women, but one of the most popular is back hair laser removal. Previously, men had to undergo painful waxing, smelly dilapitory chemicals or shaving their backs to eliminate the hair that so many women find distasteful.
Of course, the type and amount of hair will determine how much your procedure costs. Darker or olive skinned patients will require more treatments than natural blondes, and hair thickness and density varies widely. Different lasers are even used to treat different skin color groups, so be sure to ask if your treatment center can handle your needs. Prices typically start at about $200-225, but back hair laser removal can run much higher, due to the larger area being treated. You should also expect to return for several treatments, as hair is removed in certain parts of the growth cycle only.
Although it may seem initially expensive, back hair removal using laser treatments is actually cost effective in the long run. Typically the hair does not regrow, and most centers offer touch ups for the few that do, as part of the package. If your back hair is an embarrassing problem, invest in yourself and try hair laser removal for your back!
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Male Hare Removal - How to Wax for men

Male Hair Removal and Manscaping are all the rage at the moment in the world of fashionable and stylish men. With no part of the body sacred. With a variety of treatments for men available from shaving, waxing and laser hair removal.
But what if you decide to do wax yourself? Where do you start.
If you decide that your man carpet needs regular attention, or you would rather not go to a wax salon, and you have opted to wax yourself, then here are my handy tips and advice on mens hair removal diy style!
So how do you achieve the perfect waxing for men experience:
1. Make sure you get yourself the necessary waxing for men toolkit. See here
2. It is essential that the wax you use is hot, but not to hot. If the thing is bubbling or boiling then it is too hot. You do not want to scold the skin. If it gets to hot wax becomes far to runny, takes longer to cool down and bascially loses its effectiveness.
3. Check the area that is going to be waxed for any sores, broken skin or cuts etc. Also if you are sun burnt anywhere. If there is anything like this, then DO NOT wax. It will probably only result in getting an infection or inflaming the sunburn or cuts etc.
4. If it is really hairy, then trim it down a bit, this will make the waxing process a lot more easy. Waxing through deep pile is not very sensible. 1 cm of hair length is sufficent for a good wax.
5. As instructions for cleaners and skin products always say, do a patch test. Find a small area and try a little wax out. Then if you suddenly find you have a bad reaction or an allergy to the wax, it is not too late. If you are attempting the old back, sack and crack wax, then I would suggest that a patch test is crucial. Afterall, you do not want a bad reaction down there!
6. Patch test complete and passed, then you can start the process of waxing for men. Use your Pre Wax lotion to clean the area, and reduce any moisture content such as persiparation etc. Then pat dry, taking away any residue moisture.
7. Apply some talc powder lightly, as if putting a light dusting of icing on a cake. This will help dry the back ready for waxing.
8. Apply the wax, but try to avoid applying too much, You need to be consistent and smooth. Some waxing practioniors will cover the whole area in wax, then wax very quickly. Other will do it bit by bit. I recommend, depending on the size of the area being waxed, to do it bit by bit, applying then even lines.
9. Get your waxing strip and place on the wax and push and smooth down, so they feel secure and tight against the wax. Let them cool down for just a movement. Now hold the skin taught, and ideally, pulling against the hair growth, pull off the strip, quickly and firmly. Do not do this slowly, quick and firm is the key. Repeat this process over the whole area.
10. Once you have removed all the hair, get yourself some tweezers, and look for any hairs that have been missed by the waxing process.
11. Finally, apply some after wax lotion to make the skin feel smooth, relaxed and moisturised. Some people apply a nice ice pack, and if this is your first time this might help soothe any soreness. After a few sessions you will find the process less painful. Always hurts the first time!
12. Do not have a hot shower or bath for 24 hours, as this can result in a spotty skin etc. Wash with cold water if needed, and pat dry. Never rub! Try to avoid any tight clothing in that area for a few days, you want the air to circulate a bit and the waxed area to breathe.
13. Enjoy!

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