Male Hair Removal

In these enlightened times, women are not a lone in worrying if they have too much hair on different parts of their body. Male Hair Removal is catching on big time for men, fuelled by the peer-pressure created by images of male models and sport stars sporting perfect hair-free bodies blaring out at us poor unsuspecting men from giant posters. The pressures are great and staring us in the face, modern culture wants us to trim down our man carpets. No longer just something that sportsmen, wrestlers and bodybuilders do, it is clear that male hair removal treatments are commonplace.
There are numerous ways to tackle male hair removal, having a wax treatment is favoured by a lot of men. It is accessible, and the time between treatments is much longer than shaving it by yourself, and the results are much better. If this is your first time here are some answers to commonplace questions about getting a wax treatment?
Of course, there are plenty of tales about bad waxing experiences around. Approaching the male waxing experience as a newby think about how you can look out for a waxing expert, who has specific experience waxing men. The principle rule is the hair of the male is thick and much more coarse than the hair on a woman's body. A therapist with lost of experience and waxes under their belt may take you through the process, and consider what wax treatment method is the one that will meet your requirements.
There are also a range of alternative wax, some aimed specifically at men, that you will find provide cooling and soothing ingredients. You will soon discover is that the more frequent visits to the wax salon you attend the outcome will be, the less discomfort the undertaking will become. It may well hurt or cause discomfort, but it does not last. With hair that has not had the benefit of being waxed previously the hair folicles are more often than not much more deep rooted, as a result of having being grown untouched for a period of time, so the process may be much more likely to give pain. Waxing treatments work as it yanks out the hair from the bottom of the hair folicle. With the hair that returns one will find it to be more lighter and less course, and less firmly planted, so the treatment will be less painful altogether.
As for contra-indications do not worry as, when you adhere to basic steps and procedures you should be fine. With all treatments concerning the body it is strongly being advised and worth consulting with your medical practitioner to make sure that you do not have any medical ailments that will result in waxing exacerbating problems.If you easily bruise, or have diabetes then confer with a medical expert. If you are sun burnt or have sores and blisters on the bit of the body that is going to have the treatment, then do not go ahead. Ensure that the skin is repaired before undertaking any wax experience.
One will find a variety of waxing choices around, from shoulder, back, chest, legs, genital area, to full body wax. Things like having the chest, legs or back need no introduction. With the Back Sack and Crack menu item, Brazilian and Hollywood you will find that these are a far more personal and private wax choice. If you are getting a Brazilian, you will find that this waxes the hair around the cock and the hair on the pubic bone. This will end up providing a neat and hair-free downstairs, with the hair on the testicles and shaft. The Hollywood treatment removes all of it, which includes the hair on the testicles and little man. A Back, Sack and Crack treatment does what a Hollywood does, it waxes the back area, and removes the hair from all the butt this involves even between the butt cheeks.
These choices may seem like somewhat at the far end of options available. It is amazing but one is often enlightened how common the option is. Males getting the hair removed from their lower regions is a lot more common than you imagine. As such, looking at any of these waxing options ought not be awkward. Research a wax professional that list these specific waxing sessions on their list of available wax choices, specifically focused at blokes. It will not be embarrassing for them when dealing with the male undercarriage a lot. The process is undertaken unashamedly, in a private room. The professional will probably leave the room leaving you to take off your clothes, you get a towel to cover yourself up where necessary that are not part of the area being waxed.
It does not matter if you possess a minuscule of hair on your shoulders or are covered head to foot in a thick mane everywhere, there is bound to be a wax therapy option for you. Undertaking waxing and hair removal for men is brilliant at managing larger bits of the body such as back, legs and chest. Have no fear how hairy you are, waxing is a superb option. For those yeti-like folk, with thick manes encapsulating the body, one will find it sensible to thin out the body hair with clippers, before starting out on the therapy.
Waxing for is a commonplace treatment when it comes to Male Hair Removal, and once you have been to the wax salon, be alerted, you may never want it to end. One may end up feeling surprised, and your lover might discover the man underneath. There are numerous reasons to have a wax, from large areas to small, or the Full Monty, if you require or are contemplating male hair removal, going to a beauty spa for a wax is   the most favoured hair removal choices

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How to Take Care of Skin After Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal treatments are a proven method of getting rid of facial or body hair permanently, and can help you skip the cumbersome shaving and waxing routine. However, these high-powered lasers can leave your skin more sensitive than usual, and you may even leave the doctor’s office with small bumps or redness in the treatment area.

Soothing the skin with topical treatments or even a cold compress will help the skin heal restore itself naturally; here are some simple ways to take care of your skin after laser hair removal treatments:

1. Reach for a milk-based lotion. The editors at NewBeauty.com encourage soothing the skin with products that contain milk, rosemary and green tea. These skincare products can help reduce irritation and discomfort, and can also be applied to inflamed skin that’s endured sunburn. (Source: NewBeauty.com)

2. Enjoy a nourishing body wrap. Body wraps that infuse the skin with moisture, emollients and other key ingredients can help to repair sensitive skin after treatment and leave it silky and smooth for the long-term. While you still need to use a quality moisturizer immediately after a treatment, a body wrap can give your skin a boost and make it more resilient and responsive to an at-home moisture infusion.

3. Load up on chocolate. Dermatologist Dr. Bernabio explains that chocolate-based skin products contain several anti-inflammatory agents and skin softeners, and these may help soothe the skin instantly (Source: TheDermBlog). Adding chocolate to your skincare menu may be a valuable way to give your skin a boost.

4. Stay out of the sun. Skin that has undergone a laser treatment can be more sensitive to heat and sunlight for up to a week after treatment. Avoid excessive sun exposure (including tanning beds) so that skin can heal and generate a layer of fresh new cells.

5. Avoid heavy makeup. If you’ve received a facial laser hair removal treatment, the delicate areas of the face may be more prone to breakouts and irritation from even non-comedogenic makeup. Avoid using liquid based makeup to keep skin clear and fresh; mineral makeup offers an alternative solution for skin if you have to wear makeup for a special occasion or event.

6. Use a loofah to exfoliate once per week. Even though the skin will be sensitive immediately after treatment, you’ll still want to exfoliate the skin thoroughly to remove dead skin cells and promote healthy circulation. A loofah or dry-brushing technique can help buff away dead skin cells and make it easier for skin to heal over time.

Since you won’t achieve immediate results after just a few laser hair removal treatments, you’ll need a way to take care of the skin between treatments. Promoting a healthy recovery and repair process makes it easier for skin to heal and regenerate, and can also make your treatment plan that much more effective.

Learn more about laser hair removal treatments in our information guide, or consult with a hair removal specialist in your area to find out how to prepare and nourish the skin during your treatment program.

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Hair Removal Tips For Bodybuilders

One of the most time consuming and frustrating parts of bodybuilding is not building muscles, it's removing unwanted hair.

For any competing bodybuilder, hair removal is a must but it's also growing in popularity among casual bodybuilders.

Permanent Methods

Before looking at recommendations for specific body areas it should be stated that laser hair removal or electrolysis are regarded as the only permanent hair removal methods.

Although the most effective, they are also the most expensive! For full information on laser hair removal and electrolysis, visit this Laser Research Library: about-hair-removal.com/Laser-Library

Here is checklist of body areas and recommended hair removal methods for each:

Upper Lip, Chin, Mustache and Beard -

Men: Shaving.

Women: Waxing or sugaring.

Back of Neck -

Men: Shaving, clipping.

Women: Waxing or sugaring

Chest -

Waxing, shaving, depilatories.

CAUTION: Some find the shaving option unacceptable due to the irritation it causes when stubble reappears shortly afterwards. There can also be an acute problem with ingrown hairs in some cases. Once the shaving option is taken for chest hair removal it will need to be done regularly.

Nipples -

Tweezing. Stretch the skin slightly, grip the hair close to the root, and pull gently, firmly and evenly. Yanking the hair may cause it to break off thus increasing the risk of ingrown hair.

Shoulders, Back, Arms, Hands, Tummy -

Waxing, sugaring, depilatories. Waxing or Sugaring is the best method for all these areas. Taking a shower directly after waxing the back helps eliminate the possibility of acne breakouts and skin redness.

Underarms -

Shaving is safe in this area. Hair under the arm grows in all directions so a side to side stroke as well as up and down strokes may be necessary to catch all the hairs. Do not apply deodorants or antiperspirants right after shaving as this can cause acute irritation and soreness. Waxing or sugaring are also safe.

Do not use depilatories to avoid the risk of chemical burns on the sensitive skin in this area.
After the skin in this area has become accustomed to shaving, applying a thin layer of Vaseline petroleum jelly instead of a shaving foam or gel will give a really close shave.

Pubic Area and Bikini Line -If the hair is long it can be cut down with scissors. Then use a waxing or sugaring solution. Careful shaving is also possible.

Genitals - Male -

Hair growing on the shaft of the penis and on the testicles can be removed by shaving using a new wet razor. Great care is needed to avoid cuts.

Genitals - Female -

Waxing or sugaring is generally best. Shaving will only cause stubble to appear after a few days and it may cause skin irritation and painful bumps.

Anus and Perineum -

The Perineum is the area of skin rich in nerve endings located below the anus. In men it extends to the base of the testicles, in women to the vaginal opening. The anus is a mucous membrane. Depilatories should not be used as they can result in serious damage. Shaving produces stubble which may cause irritation as the sides chafe and rub together. Waxing or sugaring are the best methods.

Legs, Feet, Toes -

Shaving the legs is popular but the hair grows back after a short time. Waxing or sugaring are preferred although you have to wait until there is about a quarter of an inch of growth.

For detailed instructions on each of the hair removal methods mentioned above for bodybuilders, check out the resource below:

Recommendation: Hair inhibitors can increase the effectiveness of all the methods mentioned above (with the exception of depilatories). By significantly reducing hair growth hair removal sessions become less frequent. Click here for details:

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